The day of the Dead

The celebration of the Days of the Dead in Oaxaca is a popular ceremony that invokes the spirits of the ancestors to invite them to “coexist” in the underworld, which is why they try to entertain them in the most attentive way.

In Mexico the history of the feast of the dead and the concept of death can be found both in the pre-Hispanic beliefs and in the ideas brought by the conquistadors and friars evangelizing after the conquest. For the Aztecs what determined the place to which The soul after death was not the behavior in this life, but mainly the way in which it died and the occupation that in life had the deceased. Before the arrival of the Spaniards this celebration was realized in the month of August, era called the festival of the fleshy and coincided with the agricultural cycle of corn, pumpkin, chickpea and beans. The products harvested from the earth were part of the offering. With Christianity spread the idea that, according to the behavior observed in life, the dead were waiting for heaven, hell, purgatory or limbo. To a greater or lesser extent, these ideas were syncretized with those of indigenous groups (Mexicas, Mixtecs, Texcocans, Zapotec, Tlaxcaltecas, Chontales, and other peoples of our country) and mestizo groups which, with some modifications, gave rise to festivities in the present time.

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Know a little more about the day of the dead

Tradition tells us that every October 31, the souls of children who have already died come down from heaven in the form of angels, who visit the home where they once lived, played or where their parents live, these angels are playful and can feel their presence in the houses, they return to heaven on November 1 at 12:00 a.m., the same date and time where God allows the souls of the departed faithful to return home to visit his family

The journey is long so when they arrive at home they are received with a path of flowers that will guide them to a large altar full of fruits, food and everything that in life liked, a Sumerian with copal is what purifies where the soul will be for 24 hours living with their relatives.

It is said that if this tradition is not fulfilled the soul of your loved one will arrive and when you do not find anything, you will sit down to suffer the abandonment of your family, that is why every year the souls of the angels and faithful departed are prepared an altar containing a candle that represents the light to be followed, a glass of water quenches the thirst of those who could not reach heaven and pay their sins in purgatory.

The days of the dead, October 31, November 1 and 2, live in Oaxaca between scents of flowers of cucumbers and rooster crest, markets with reeds, jicama, mandarins, peanuts, chocolate, mole, mezcal, beer, copal, dead bread and altars.

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