Our hostel is located in front of the Paseo Juárez “El Llano” park, one of the most extensive and admired parks in the capital. Hostel Don Nino is just 3 blocks from Ado Bus Station 5 blocks from Santo Domingo and 8 minutes walk from the “Zocalo”

Address: Street of José María Pino Suárez 804
RUTA INDEPENDENCIA, Centro Histórico, 68000
Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, México

Phone Numbers: 
01 (951) 51 85985
01 (951) 50 25336
01 (951) 50 25337

Email: hosteldonnino gmail.com

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Do the hostel aceept pets?

We are sorry but at the moment our hostel does not accept pets.

There are lockers inside the dormitories?

Each bed in the dorm has a own locker, in case you do not have padlock, we can provide you with a deposit.

What is the breakfast included?

The breakfast at our hostel is courtesy of the Blulemon Restaurant which is a Mexican breakfast, a full and different every morning and is served in the restaurant.

The hostel is located in the historical center?

Yes, our hostel is located in a privileged area outside the busy commercial area, but inside the historic center of the city of Oaxaca, just 3 blocks from the ADO of the bus station First class and about 5 blocks from the church of Santo Domingo and 8 minutes walk from the Zocalo.